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50 Passengers From Hell You Will Be Glad Didnt Sit Next To You

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Posted on : January 12, 2019

Think of the most unusual (or disgusting) scene you’ve ever seen when traveling by plane. Now imagine sharing that with more than 745,000 followers on Instagram? This is how “Passenger Shaming” works, an Instagram account dedicated to spreading the most bizarre moments seen on flights – and recorded by passengers or commissioners.

It was started by Shawn Kathleen — a mom, former police officer and paramedic who worked as a flight attendant for 7 years. She came up with the original concept and started the brand on her own approximately 5 years ago. It has since been featured in most media outlets across the globe and was named one of the “Best 100 Instagram accounts” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Scroll down and see for yourself!

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#1 This Darwin Award Passenger Was Cold… So She Used The Plastic Bag (That Was Holding Blanket / Pillow) And Put It Over Her Head To Warm Up

#2 Sometimes Self-Awareness Is Hard

#3 Packing At The Gate 5 Minutes Before The Flight Like

#4 Parenting Is Hard, Guys

#5 Not. Apple. Juice.

#6 I’m Only Posting This Photo So No One Else Sends It To Me

#7 “I Hate Everyone And Shirts”

#8 Crew Said She Couldn’t Do This. Her Reply… “I Don’t Care”

#9 The Sense Of Entitlement Is Strong With This One

#10 “Man Dumps His Food Into Aisle After Eating What He Wanted”

#11 That Time A Dude Tried To Warm Up His Pizza. On A Plane

#12 No This Wasn’t A 348 Day Long Flight

#13 Don’t Do This!

#14 Happy Mother’s Day!

#15 A For Effort, Dude!

#16 Yes This Is First Class. Yes This Is (Was?) A T-Bone Steak That Someone Ate

#17 That Woman

#18 Jesus Flute Dude

#19 Ok, So Which One Of You Left These On The Plane?!

#20 Aftermath Of Two Adult Passengers (Not 478 Children)

#21 Ok Kids, So Which One Of You Left Your Bag Full O’ Dead Animal Head In The Overhead Bin?

#22 Hairy, Unbeweavable Sitch In Full Effect

#23 Definitely Not A Treat

#24 Passenger urinates in seat in front of him during flight. He was moved after a woman claimed he physically and verbally assaulted her

#25 Sorry About The Smell

#26 Don’t Ask

#27 Solid Air Travel Hat Choice

#28 Yay For Orlando Flights!

#29 Must. Be. First. To. Get. Bag

#30 Sometimes You Just Need To Air Out Your Sweaty Shoe

#31 Oh Germany…

#32 Pro Travel Tip: The Tray Table Is Not An Ottoman

#33 People Use These Things To Eat Off Of

#34 “It Fit On The Last Flight!”

#35 Welcome Aboard

#36 Ticket Eye Mask

#37 Lazy Sunday Vibes

#38 Seat Back Pockets Are Not Trash Receptacles

#39 Hairy Soda For The Win

#40 2 For 1 Pap Smears Now Available In Row 26!

#41 And The Me Me Me Entitlement I Don’t Care Abt Anyone Else Award Goes To…

#42 Oh Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Over Here Doing Our Laundry… Mid-Flight

#43 If Guitar Guy Is On My Flight Later, Could One Of You Please Come Find Me And Chop My Head Off?

#44 Sometimes When Flying You Just Need A Stiff … Drink

#45 A Fancy Shoe Holder Because Why Use The Floor For Your Nasty Sandals

#46 Because Flight Attendants Have Super Powers And Just Leave It For Someone Else To Deal With

#47 The Sense Of Entitlement Is Strong With This A**hole

#48 Taco Thursday

#49 Don’t Ask. No Clue

#50 Have A Blessed Week!

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