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6 Pictures Of Jimmy Carter If You Know What We Mean ;)

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Posted on : November 9, 2017

For your delight, here are six pictures of Jimmy Carter. What you do with them is ENTIRELY up to you, if you know what we mean 😉

1. Coming right up, one lovely picture of Jimmy Carter that you can look at in any room of the house, including the more well-ventilated rooms, if you understand our meaning.

2. Here’s another of Jimmy Carter that you can look at while you’re alone…all alone, if you catch our drift. Or, if you’re a bit more, shall we say, insatiable, then perhaps you know three or four *ahem* well-connected people you might want to look at these with. As long as your family never finds out, you can get the, shall we say, full use out of them.

3. Please enjoy this delectable picture of Jimmy Carter in any way you want. We don’t need you to tell us what you did with this picture. We’re on the same wavelength here, after all.

4. Oops! “Someone” just left this naughty little photograph on display for anyone to find! Oh my…how embarrassing! Of course, the right pair of eyes might appreciate it…

5. Let’s just keep this one between us, shall we? We won’t tell if you don’t.

6. That’s all…for now. Wouldn’t want you getting spoiled, would we? 😉

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