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A Stranger Handed Her His Car Keys. The Reason Why Is So Inspiring.

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Posted on : October 8, 2017

Having car trouble is the absolute worst.

It also always seems to happen at the wrong time. Maria Arriaga’s car died on her way to pick her daughter up from practice. Not only that, but it was during a total downpour.

No one was stopping to help her, even as she tried to flag someone down. A cop drove right on by, perhaps unable to see her in the rain.

That’s when high school senior Joseph Tapia stepped in to help her push the car and stay dry. But that’s not all.

He even let Arriaga drive his car to go pick up her daughter.

Arriaga shared the whole story with Love What Matters, publicly thanking Tapia for helping when no one else would. Here’s what she said:

“I was 10 minutes from getting home when my car died on me on Unser and Dennis Chavez. A senior from Atrisco [High School] was the only one that stopped and helped. Not even a cop stopped when they saw him push my car all by himself. To top it off it was raining like crazy.

He checked my car and told me ‘get in your car so you won’t get wet’. I told him someone was on their way to help me but that I was going to get in to call my daughter because she was about to get out of practice.

His response was ‘Take my car and pick her up so she won’t get wet while waiting for you.’

It started raining harder and I rolled my window down and told him ‘Please go in your car or you can leave I will be Ok.’

He said ‘no I will wait here outside and wait for someone to come and I don’t want to leave you alone with your kids, also it’s just water.’ He waited almost an hour with me.

His name is Joseph Tapia. GOD Bless this young man for helping when he didn’t have to. He was my angel today! Please share so all of Albuquerque knows we do have kind, helpful young men, and Angels! Joseph Tapia!!”

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