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Amazing: Yankee Candle Is Releasing A Candle That Smells Like A Sweaty Teenager For Moms Who Miss Their Kids Who Are Away At College

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Posted on : November 2, 2017

We don’t want to call it too early, but it looks like we might have a winner for the most popular new holiday shopping item of the year: Yankee Candle is releasing a candle that smells like a sweaty teenager for moms who miss their kids who are away at college.

According to Yankee Candle’s website, the new “Sweaty Teen” candle boasts subtle hints of body odor and dirty laundry thrown on a bedroom floor, and will make any home smell like it’s inhabited by a high school student still getting a handle on personal hygiene. Any mom who’s been missing her kid after moving them into their dorm room just needs to light this candle and the aromas will instantly take her back to those happy days when her child was still walking around the house wearing the same sweatpants five nights in a row.

While Yankee Candle plans to stock Sweaty Teen candles in both its retail locations and digital store in time for Black Friday this November, the company said that it doesn’t expect supplies to last long due to overwhelming consumer demand for a candle that smells like a combination of topical acne medication and cheap marijuana poorly masked with an excessive amount of Febreze. If you want one, you should probably pre-order now, because there’s a good chance that moms everywhere are going to be completely buying out these clammy new candles to fill their homes with the nostalgic smell of sweat and grime that perfectly evokes their absent college-age teen.

The countdown is on! We can’t wait for this new scent!

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