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Australians are legally entitled to a free picture of the Queen

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Posted on : August 11, 2018

Free stuff is good, but how about a photo of the Queen?
Image: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

So in Australia, not only do citizens get free healthcare, but they are also legally entitled to a free picture of the Queen.

Citizens can send a request to their federal member of parliament for certain “nationhood material,” which includes an official portrait of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the country’s head of state, or his royal highness, The Duke of Edinburgh.

The little-known perk was uncovered by VICE, who were able to get a picture of their own. You can also ask for flags, or CD and DVD recordings of the Australian National Anthem.

You’ll have to buy a picture of the Queen if you’re in the UK, while Canadians can apparently only download a photo.

Now other Australian citizens, in the always enjoyable quest for free stuff, have been exercising their right to a free portrait of the Queen.

And look, it’s not just one photo of the Queen, either. Just check out the variety.

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