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Baby appeal tweet ‘highlight’ for TV star

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Posted on : May 28, 2019

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Image caption Jake Humphrey said people were moved by the Nine4Norah appeal and “dipped their hands in the pockets” as well as sharing his tweet

Sports presenter Jake Humphrey said a viral tweet about a bereaved father’s appeal has been “the absolute highlight” of his time on social media.

Watford fan Ross Coniam is attempting nine challenges in 2019 in memory of daughter Norah, who lived for just a few hours.

A chance sighting of the appeal at an FA Cup game led to a tweet by Humphrey and donations topping £41,000.

“People told me ‘I saw that and had to donate’,” said the BT Sports presenter.

Mr Coniam said it was a “minor miracle” Humphrey spotted his #NineForNorah hoodie in the Wembley crowd at the FA Cup semi-final, and looked up the phrase on Google.

“I found myself nipping off to the bathroom in the middle of the game to have a little cry, because I saw the pictures of little Norah,” said Humphrey.

“Since becoming a father I can no longer see these stories and not imagine what it would be like if that was me, so this needed to be shared.”

Ross and Naomi Coniam’s daughter Norah was born on 29 May, but died nine hours and 56 minutes later despite doctors’ efforts to save her.

She would have been one on Wednesday.

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Media captionRoss and Naomi Coniam thank Jake Humphrey at Wembley

Her father said he hopes Norah will “give him the strength” to complete his challenges – including the London Marathon last month – for stillbirth and neonatal charities.

Before Humphrey’s tweet, he had raised £3,058 of his £6,000 target.

“It shows you how amazing it is, what he is doing, that the tweet went viral, it went crazy – £40,000 was raised in a few days,” said Humphrey.

“I ordered a pizza on Sunday night and the man came to my door and said ‘I just gave a tenner to that #NineForNorah appeal’.

“I’ve had messages from people saying: ‘I don’t have much money, I don’t have a job, but I’ve still given what I can.'”

Image copyright Ross Coniam
Image caption Ross and Naomi Coniam’s daughter Norah died hours after she was born

Humphrey said it was incredible people were not simply sharing the tweet but “dipping their hands in their pockets”.

“To use Twitter and see the positivity is so nice and reminds you we are mainly good people and we do just want to help people out when we can.

“It’s without doubt the absolute highlight of my time on social media.”

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