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Blind Man Left In Tears When No One Gives Up Seat For Him And Guide Dog

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Posted on : April 4, 2018

If you’ve ever been on the tube in London, then you know it can be a stressful experience, especially at rush hour. People crowd into the maze of underground tunnels and onto very steep escalators, attempting to make their way to the various platforms to squish onto the next available train.

The situation can raise anyone’s anxiety, but now imagine trying to do it completely blind with only a guide dog to navigate the way. This is what 38-year-old Amit Patel has to do with the assistance of his hardworking guide dog, Kika.

To illustrate what Patel’s life is like and just how incredible his guide dog is, a GoPro camera was attached to her as the pair walked through Waterloo Station. Shockingly, it showed Kika being shoved and Patel being completely ignored as he struggled to get to his destination.

Check out the video below to see the footage for yourself:

Patel lost his sight six years ago to keratoconus and now must reply on Kika to help guide him to where he needs to go. However, on the busy London Underground, things can get difficult, even for Kika.

Kika is one of only 5% of guide dogs trained to ride on escalators, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t under stress when commuters shove past her on the steep declines. You would think people would be helpful or at least sensitive to Patel’s predicament, but often they simply pretend he doesn’t exist.

Recently, Patel was left humiliated when he was not offered a seat on a train. He had been struggling to maintain his balance on the moving train while also holding Kika. Despite asking if there was a seat available, passengers pretended that they could not hear him.

Patel cannot see his surroundings and ended up leaning against a door to keep his balance while Kika kept slipping on the wet floor in the moving train.

“They pretend they can’t see or hear when I ask if there’s a seat available,” Patel said. “It’s so humiliating when I struggle to hold onto something and keep Kika safe at the same time, this is when you’ll see a tear running down my face. Life is difficult enough.”

Kika has her own Twitter account, and after the incident, it was updated as follows:

“We walked to the end of the platform in the pouring rain so that we can board the designated disabled section on the @Se_Railway train and even with dad giving me the command ‘find a seat’ not one passenger gave up their seat.”

Patel said many people have since reached out to him, but sadly admitted that his struggles are a daily occurrence. “I was very upset yesterday as the floor on the train was slippery, Kika kept sliding and she was obviously distressed. She looks after me every day and I felt useless,” he said.

Patel added, “One small act of kindness could have turned the situation around completely.”

He’s right. Most of us are far too wrapped up in our own problems to see that someone else may be in need. The simple act of giving up a seat on the train would have meant the world to Patel and Kika.

The fact that they were ignored completely or that anyone would brush past a guide dog in a stressful situation rather than wait 30 seconds until the area had cleared is absolutely horrendous.

None of us are too busy to take a few extra minutes out of our day to help someone out. When given the choice, always be kind. Patel used to be an emergency room physician and now he has trouble navigating an escalator. You never know when it will be you who needs the help.

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