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Bridge cat still stuck after failed rescue

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Posted on : May 30, 2019

Image copyright Plymouth Live/Penny Cross
Image caption Hatty has been stuck on the Royal Albert Bridge for six days

A pet cat that has been stuck on a railway bridge for six days is still stranded after a rescue attempt failed.

Five-year-old Hatty went missing from her home in Saltash, Cornwall, more than two weeks ago, according to owner Kirsty Howden.

She was spotted on the Royal Albert Bridge, which connects Plymouth and Saltash, on Friday.

Firefighters spent nearly five hours trying to save her during the operation that began at about 13:00 BST.

Image copyright Plymouth Live/Penny Cross
Image caption A firefighter scales the 30ft (9m) section of the bridge

The Royal Albert Bridge carries the main line in and out of Cornwall across the River Tamar.

It’s thought Hatty was scared on to her precarious perch beneath the line by a passing train – and she has been stuck ever since.

Firefighters hacked away undergrowth to bring in one of their biggest ladders and offered a selection of her treats to try to lure her out.

Image copyright Plymouth Live/Penny Cross
Image caption He tries to lure her out from her precarious perch using a variety of treats

But nothing worked and the rescue was called off – leaving her stranded on the bridge for another night.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, the RSPCA and Network Rail said they were working on a plan to rescue her on Thursday.

Image copyright Plymouth Live/Penny Cross
Image caption Hatty’s owner Kirsty Howden (right) waits nervously as the rescue unfolds

Network Rail said it intended to close a section of the line in the early hours of the morning so that firefighters could reach Hatty from the tracks.

Ms Howden, 39, thanked the rescue teams for their help.

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