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Donald Trump’s face on a stack of newspapers becomes the subject of a hilarious Photoshop battle

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Posted on : January 20, 2018

President Donald has always been a popular subject on Reddit’s r/PhotoshopBattles. But since you can’t look anywhere without seeing a photo of his face somewhere, the appeal wore off a bit.

But on Friday, Redditor suri09 submitted an older image from a stack of German newspapers from last May

Image: reddit

The fold of the paper and stack make it look as though Trump had a massive mouth, and was the perfect subject for some good ol’ Photoshopping.

As always, the Photoshop wizards of Reddit delivered. 

Edvard Munch’s The Scream was the clear winner.

Of course creepy John Travolta was popped in for good measure.

Then there was the nod to Scream.

This GIF from As_a_Londoner was just straight up impressive. 

This one was a bit more subtle.

Trump was dumped into other works of art.

The man does love fast food.

Honestly, this is fitting.

Check out the rest of the quality ‘shops on Reddit.

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