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Farewell To A Legend: This Bra From High School Has Finally Been Granted In-House-Only Status

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Posted on : March 8, 2018

They say legends never truly leave us, and on a day like today, we really hope that’s true. After a long and storied career, this amazing bra from high school has finally been granted in-house-only status.

Wow, this is beautiful. What a historic moment for this beloved piece of lingerie!

With its unprecedented six-year run as a wardrobe staple now coming to a close, this trusty nude bra with exposed underwire and an inexplicable stain on its right cup has finally come to rest in the drawer for clothes meant to wear around the apartment. After countless clumsy hookups, two “serious” three-month relationships, and countless different boob sizes during those years on birth control, this beloved B-cup bra from the sale rack will be given the distinct honor of being worn under big, baggy T-shirts where no one will ever see it again!

Wow. Other bras may have a painful piece of underwire sticking out of them, or may have been used as a cell phone holder too many times, but this bra has always been an exception. No, this legendary high school bra will now forever be known as the bra that gets pulled out on a Sunday afternoon while the other bras are being washed, and well… that’s incredible.

We’d say goodbye, but for this bra, it’s hardly the end!

Needless to say, it’s incredible to see this old favorite to not only be pushed to its limits, but also to be given the ultimate reward. While a new, way more expensive push-up bra will now take its place, we can’t wait to see all the amazing things this bra does when it’s worn once a month as a last resort!

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