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Florida woman ordered to remove ‘Toot for Trump’ sign from her property

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Posted on : October 25, 2017

A Florida woman who had a pro-Donald Trump sign standing on her property for more than a year, was ordered to remove the sign after it was changed to say she stands for The Star-Spangled Banner.

Elaine Simmons, 72, of Minneola, told Fox News that she didn’t receive any complaints about the sign — which said “Toot for Trump” — until about a month ago, when she edited the message to say: “Proud to be an American. We stand for the national anthem.”

Simmons’ most recent sign, which gained attention, said: “We stand for the national anthem.”  (Elaine Simmons)

“To me, if you can’t stand for the national anthem and represent the flag for which your veterans have given you freedom, then you need to buy a one-way ticket to somewhere,” Simmons told Fox 35 Orlando.

Simmons said that after she posted a photo of her sign on Facebook, the county received a complaint and issued her a code violation notice.

“No one complained about it until after I put up… that ‘we stand for the national anthem,'” said Simmons.

Simmons added she didn’t realize that her sign violated county codes.

Days later, Simmons’ sign was vandalized with vulgar words that Trump used on a 2005 hot mic recording.

Simmons’ sign was vandalized with a vulgar quote by President Trump after she posted about it on Facebook.  (Elaine Simmons)

Although she cleaned up the sign, Simmons said that at the end of the day, she still received a code violation and is therefore taking the sign down.

Simmons referred to the ordeal as a “live and learn moment,” but told Fox 35 that the fact she had to remove her sign is “really, really sad.”

Nicole Darrah is a Breaking News Producer for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter @nicoledarrah.

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