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Four injured as car smashes into house in York – BBC News

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Posted on : September 4, 2017

Image caption The car crashed into the house and ended up in the living room, injuring a man on a sofa

Four people were injured, three of them seriously, when a car smashed through the side of a house and started a fire.

A white VW Golf crashed into the living room of the property in York at about 01:20 BST, injuring the driver and two passengers and a man on a sofa.

Sgt Paul Cording of North Yorkshire Police told Minster FM it was “astounding that no-one lost their life”.

A man in his 20s, believed to be the driver, has been arrested.

Image caption Police said it was “astounding that no-one lost their life in this incident”

Sgt Cording said a man inside the house was sitting on the sofa when the car ploughed through the wall.

He said the car had “quite literally” gone into the house in Rivelin Way, on Clifton Moor.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said the man suffered lower limb injuries but his wife and younger child managed to escape uninjured.

The occupants of the car all suffered head injuries.

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for information about the vehicle in the moments before the crash.

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