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Gang Members Drag Cop Into Forest To Kill Him, Don’t See Police Dog’s Reign Of Terror Coming

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Posted on : April 7, 2018

They don’t call dogs man’s best friend for nothing. They are one of the most intelligent, empathetic animals on the planet and that’s why they are used to complete a variety of important jobs – like sniffing out illegal substances and, of course, protecting police officers.

Unfortunately, because it’s a cop’s job to ensure that the law is upheld, many officers are a target for gangs who want to make their power in particular areas known. It was for this reason that Deputy Todd Frazier from Long Beach, Mississippi, was targetted.

Check out the video below to for the lowdown on how his brave dog saved his life:

Frazier unknowingly fell for a gang’s trap when he was out on patrol and noticed a man who appeared to be unconscious at the wheel of his car in a layby. He pulled up to the vehicle and that’s when he was distracted by two men while a third attacked him from behind.

The deputy was then dragged into the woods by the three men. As he struggled to get away, he heard one of them say that he was going to “slit his throat”. Realizing that his life was in danger, he managed to get ahold of his keychain and unlock the canine compartment of his car.

“They told him they were going to slit his throat, and they were dragging him toward the woods,” Chief Deputy Don Bass said.

That’s when Frazier’s police dog, Lucas, sprang into action to save his life.

As soon as Lucas burst out of Frazier’s car, he realized that his deputy was in trouble and immediately raced over to save him.

“He knew. I could hear him coming. I couldn’t see anything because the blood was all in my eyes, but I could hear him coming, growling and making these sounds… he sounded like a wolf,” Frazier said. “I thought, ‘Now he’s gonna get you.’”

The brave dog viciously attacked the criminals who were attempting to take his deputy’s life.

“We don’t know how many he got; we just know he had blood all over him,” Sheriff Ricky Adam said of the heroic dog’s actions.

“I had three people on me and I’m not a very big man, and they basically whipped my butt,” Frazier said recalling the incident. “And luckily, thank God, I had Lucas here, and I had a button on my belt that I wear, and when I hit the button Lucas jumped out of the car and attacked all three of them and they ran away. That’s why he’s my hero.”

Chief Deputy Don Bass described the altercation as a “very near miss” and that there was no doubt that the men involved intended to kill Frazier.

Sadly, however, both Frazier and Lucas were injured as a result of the attack. The brave tog tore a ligament protecting his deputy and lost a few teeth. But he received the veterinary care he needed and has now made a full recovery.

Whereas Frazier obtained a deep cut on his forehead and a number of other minor injuries. He was taken to the local hospital after the incident but was soon released.

The Chief Deputy said that the attack was the work of a local gang in a statement:

“We’ve been stressing this for months and months now. It’s no different from last week. We get a BOLO (be-on-the-lookout) from the state alerting us that the Black Gangster Disciples have put out an SOS, or Shoot on Sight, for police officers.

It hits us hard, it brings you to your knees. We’re not a large agency, and all these guys have families. The main thing for anybody is to go home safe. We want you to go home at night. But it could happen to any one of them. The threat is here and the possibility is real.”

Lucas is pictured above receiving the “Hero of the Year” award for his actions.

Now that’s what I call a good boy!

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