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Hard To Watch: This Kid At Camp Is Trying Out Swearing For The First Time, And Everyone Can Tell Hes Way Overdoing It

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Posted on : September 6, 2017

For kids, camp can be a safe place to try new things and explore different aspects of their identity. One 10-year-old camper named Stephen Stropp, however, has taken to reinventing himself in a very unfortunate way: He’s trying his hand at swearing for the first time, and it’s clear to everyone that he’s way overdoing it.

Yeesh, this is tough to watch. Take it down a notch, buddy.

While it’s clear Stephen is trying to fit in at Chattanooga Summer Camp, the rate at which he’s been awkwardly cramming the words “shit” and “damn” into his sentences has inevitably impressed no one. Unfortunately, every single kid at camp can tell that Stephen had never used the words “damn,” “crap,” “bitch,” or “hell” before this summer, because literally no one ever has said the sentence “Shit, piss, Red Cabin shits my tits compared to the bitch fucks in Blue Cabin.”

Oof. Get a grip, Stephen.

To make matters worse, while Stephen is clearly not comfortable saying the word “fuck” yet, he seems more than willing to sub in lighter swears in its place, leading him to say things like “Ass this shit,” and “Get off my canoe, mother asser.” Even when a camp counselor heard him saying “Ass ass ass ass, bitch my ass,” over and over during the freezing-cold polar-bear plunge at 5 a.m. yesterday, she couldn’t bear to punish him because it just seemed so sad.

Stephen will hopefully get the hang of it soon, but at Chattanooga Summer Camp, he’ll forever be the kid who screamed “Shitty bitch my dick!” when he stubbed his toe in the middle of his talent-show act. For his sake, we hope Stephen can pull it together soon so that when camp ends, he’s not the kid who swears like this in middle school.

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