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Idaho Attorney General Takes Over Doomsday Couple Investigation

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Posted on : April 12, 2020

The Idaho Attorney Generals Office has taken over the investigation of doomsday couple Lori Vallow and Chad Daybelland a document in the case reveals potential charges include conspiracy and murder.

The Fremont County prosecutor requested help from the AGs office in investigating the death of Daybells first wife, according to a letter obtained by East Idaho News. Under the heading of Defendant/Matter, the AG listed Chad Daybell, Lori Daybell/Conspiracy, Murder, Attempted Murder.

Authorities have not publicly accused the newlywedswho are tied to two missing children, three mysterious deaths, and several bizarre incidentsof those crimes. Instead, in a separate case, Vallow is being held on charges of child abandonment and contempt of court for failing to produce her children. Daybell, the author of apocalyptic novels, has not been charged with anything.

The pair have been under scrutiny since late November, when police went to their Rexburg home to conduct a welfare check on Vallows children from earlier marriages, 17-year-old Tylee and 7-year-old J.J.

The kids were not there, and Vallow allegedly lied about their whereabouts. When police returned to ask more questions, she and Daybell were goneonly to surface in Hawaii in February. Vallow was extradited to Idaho after she ignored a court order to show up in court with Tylee and J.J.

Rexburg police have said they believe the children are in danger. Vallow and Daybell have denied any wrongdoing but have also refused to cooperate with the search for the childrenwhich was recently expanded to include a FBI request for photos and videos from visitors to Yellowstone National Park that might show the family there.

What started as a missing-persons case quickly mushroomed into a larger investigation that focused on the couples doomsday-centered religious beliefs and the deaths of their previous spouses.

Vallows previous husband, Charles, was shot dead by her brother, Alex Cox, who has since died of unknown causes. Charles was estranged from Vallow at the time and had claimed in a divorce filing that she was obsessive about near-death experiences and had threatened to kill him.

Months after Charles Vallows death, Daybells wife, Tammy, was also deadand authorities have since exhumed her body to conduct the autopsy that he refused. Weeks after Tammys death, Lori and Chad tied the knotwith Lori wearing a wedding ring that reportedly was purchased while Chad was still married.

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