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Japanese Artist Makes Realistic 3D Cat Portraits Out Of Felted Wool, And The Result Is Too Purrfect

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Posted on : July 25, 2018

Japanese artist Wakuneco takes something as simple as wool and makes incredible hyper-realistic cat portraits.

The artist uses wool of various different colors and creates 3D portraits of cats using needle felting techniques. On her Instagram, the artist shared that it’s a very long and delicate work and it takes her about a month to complete one portrait, but the stunning result is worth the efforts.

The artist uses pictures of real cats to create portraits as realistic as possible.

Take a look at some of her works below.

Japanese artist Wakuneco started needle felting only in 2015

However, looking at her works it seems that she’s been doing it all her life

She uses pictures of real cats as a reference to make her portraits as real as possible

Take a look at some of the beautiful works below


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