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Jeremy Renner Releases a Bad Song With an Ironic Title

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Posted on : March 28, 2020

Jeremy Renner, I have just one question: Havent we all suffered enough?

For the uninitiated, Renner might be most widely recognized for his acting work, but he also dabbles in music, posting tunes to both YouTube and Instagramwhere his handle, @renner4real, might remind The Lonely Island fans of a certain Andy Samberg character. Its an apt parallelbecause from the unfortunately timed title to the generic and cheesy production, its hard to take this song seriously.

Renner is a celebrity seemingly bent on finding as many revenue streams as possible. Remember that time he made a doomed app to monetize his own fanbase? (That was just last fall, but time has been rendered meaningless so it feels like a lifetime ago.) Its perhaps worth noting, then, that just days ago the actor requested to lower his child support payments in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which he says has affected his income. Perhaps this song will help cushion the financial blow?

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