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Julia Roberts Calls Out ‘Made Up’ Hollywood Ageism – Perez Hilton

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Posted on : October 27, 2018

Julia Roberts is not here for any ageism!

In an interview with 

When first asked about how turning 50 years old affected her, she brushed it aside, saying:

“That was last year, and I’m about to turn 51.”

(Her birthday is on Sunday btw!)

“But honestly, I don’t know what freak-out we’re all supposed to have, turning 50. For myself, last year, I was quite proud and happy.”

Later on in the interview, she was asked if she thinks she’ll still be working when she’s 68, as her costar Sissy Spacek is now.

And she went full Erin Brockovich, saying the idea women age out of Hollywood faster is total B.S.!

“I think that’s made up, that at a certain age, the bell is going to ring and you are done, go on back home. It’s silly and I don’t think anybody buys into that. I don’t think I am special. I’ve always been fortunate that I have always found the work I am looking for. I mean, 30 years is a long time and I am grateful and satisfied.”

Darn right!

In addition to Homecoming, Julia is also getting early buzz for her lead role in indie drama Ben Is Back.

Don’t call it a comeback — she hasn’t gone anywhere, and she doesn’t plan to!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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