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Kathy Griffin Needs To Move On With Her Life & Get Over Anderson Cooper

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Posted on : December 14, 2017

Kathy Griffin

is still upset over her love lost with Anderson Cooper.

As you may remember, the 57-year-old comedian was fired from co-hosting CNN‘s annual New Year’s Eve special alongside the journalist after she sent out a photo holding a bloodied head that resembled Donald Trump. Anderson responded by saying he was “appalled” by the controversial photo that he described as “disgusting and completely inappropriate.”

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A source tells Us Weekly that Kathy is still “heartbroken” over losing her longtime friendship:

“[She is] still really heartbroken over the friendship lost with [him]. [Her] friendship [with Anderson Cooper] ended almost immediately after he tweeted about her photo.”

As for how she feels about Anderson teaming up with Andy Cohen for the NYE special, the insider explains:

“She most definitely feels like Anderson has sided with Andy. She hates Andy Cohen.”

The TV personality has been in the news a lot recently speaking on injustice and inequality, which the source says she’ll continue to do:

“She only trusts her mother and boyfriend now. That’s it. She has her head on straight and is becoming quite the activist.”

Hopefully she can put more energy in helping others than pining over her relationship with Anderson. Here’s to a happier 2018!

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