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Manafort Blames the Company He Owned for Tax Fraud Charges

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Posted on : August 15, 2018

In America, corporations are people and those corporate people can take the rap for you sometimes, according to Manaforts defense team. The prosecution rested on Monday, but before the defense called its first witness, it gave a sneak preview of its closing argument for why Manafort shouldnt go down for failing to tell the government about his foreign bank accounts: It wasnt Pauls problem. His company shouldve done that.

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The government rests: The sneak preview came courtesy of arguments before Judge Ellis about whether the prosecution should be allowed to call its final witness, Treasury Department special agent, Paula Liss, to tell the jury about whether Manafort ever told the government about his foreign bank accounts. Manafort, as the court later learned, had not, but the defense attorney Thomas Zehnle said the jury shouldnt hear that because it wasnt Manaforts job to tell the IRS about the many bank accounts in Cyprus, it was the responsibility of DMP International, his company.

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