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Manafort May Have Rented His Way into a Prison Cell

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Posted on : August 10, 2018

Poor Paul Manafort. To hear his lawyers tell it today, hes the real victim here. They say the financial crime spree the governments accused him ofspanning millions of dollars, several years, and multiple offensesis all because he was just a busy guy who put too much trust not just in his old employee, Rick Gates, but his former son-in-law Jeff Yohai.

Welcome to Rabbit Hole

Mortgages and lies: Thursdays testimony focused on a host of lies the government accused Manafort of telling to banks in order to get them to give him bigger loans with cheaper interest rateshiding mortgages, hiding debt, and inflating income. One of the alleged lies that drew a lot of testimony was whether the home he owned at 29 Howard Street in New York was a rental property or a second home. Manafort told the bank it was a second home; it wasnt.

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