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Moms Hilarious Rant on Being Busy All Day, but Getting NOTHING Done Is ALL. OF. US.

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Posted on : September 6, 2017

You know that feeling when you go to do the laundry, just to find out you’re out of Tide…then you go to write that on your grocery list, just to find out your counter’s too messy to find it…so you start picking up that mess, only to crunch on cereal on your way to filing away the paperwork…SO you make your way to the closet for a broom, only to find an endless sea of socks and Legos strewn from your kitchen to the toy room??

Well, if not, allow CA Miljavac to enlighten you. 

This mama of three knows the struggle of keeping a clean house ALL too well—along with the never-ending distractions that come along with it.

Ever wonder how you can spend all flippin’ day busting your tail around the house sometimes without seeming to accomplish a SINGLE thing?

This hysterical mom’s about to break it down for you in one hilariously accurate minute that is sure to Make. Your. DAY.


How was I soo busy all day and nothing is done??
#squirrel #focus

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Posted by CA Miljavac on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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