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No More Shame: These Photos Of 6 Mothers Bravely Showing Their C-Section Scars To The Same Best Buy Employee Are A Powerful Reminder That Motherhood Is Beautiful

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Posted on : September 16, 2017

C-section scars are nothing to be ashamed of. They’re a beautiful reminder that motherhood is one of life’s most important journeys. Take a look at these brave mothers boldly showing their C-section scars to the same Best Buy employee, and we think you’ll agree!

Isn’t this powerful? Instead of hiding her C-section scar away, this mother is proudly displaying hers to this Best Buy sales floor associate. And by showing off the truth of her body, she’s empowering other women to do the same.

As the Best Buy sales floor associate is currently learning firsthand, a C-section scar is a symbol of vulnerability and power, of pain and healing, of sacrifice and nurturing. Look closely, because that’s where a new life came from, and it’s gorgeous.

In this day and age, unfortunately, it takes courage to show a C-section scar to anyone, and this Best Buy employee is no exception. Whether she knows it or not, this mother is a humble hero.

Yes, Mama Bear! This badass mom is absolutely owning the choices she made about bringing her baby into this world by showing this Best Buy employee his fifth C-section scar of the day! Life is never simple and neat, so why should birth be? After all, isn’t that what makes it beautiful?

How great would the world be if every mother felt as comfortable with her body as this one? What if this Best Buy employee didn’t just see this mark as a scar, but as a symbol of one of the most incredible moments a mother can experience? Imagine how powerful and free motherhood would feel! Today it takes real boldness for a woman to show her C-section scar to a Best Buy team member, but soon, maybe it won’t have to.

Honestly, just stunning.

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