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Rihanna Lets Her Money Do the Talking, Gives $2M to Domestic-Abuse Victims in Quarantine

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Posted on : April 11, 2020

Many celebrities have been criticized for speaking fine words but taking little action to help the less fortunate during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Rihanna is letting her money do the talking.

The pop star has announced that, together with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, shes making a donation of $2.1 million to the Mayors Fund for Los Angeles to help domestic-abuse victims in the city.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dorsey is donating the same amount, and the total of $4.2 million will be enough to provide at least 90 people with safe and secure housing and financial support for a period of 10 weeks.

One of the hidden tragedies of the lockdown is a massive global increase in domestic abuse, as violent and dangerous abusers lash out at partners and children who have less options to easily escape from their homes.

While many domestic-violence shelters are managing to stay open, at least 90 people per week are being turned away in Los Angeles alone, it has been reported.

Earlier this week Dorsey, pledged $1 billion to coronavirus relief efforts, via his equity in Square.

Rihanna and Jay-Zs Shawn Carter Foundation announced $2 million in grants to support undocumented workers, children of front-line health workers and first responders, and incarcerated, elderly, and homeless populations in New York City and Los Angeles.

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