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Scientists Are Sharing Misconceptions About Their Jobs On Twitter And They’re Brilliant

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Posted on : July 7, 2018

Have you ever been forced to explain to someone something that to you is blatantly obvious about your job? Well, you’re not alone.

Recently we’ve had scientists sharing on social media the worst stock photos of their job, what is the one thing they want the world to know about their field of study, and how their work can accidentally make them seem like serial killers.

Now, over on Twitter, people are sharing some of the biggest misconceptions about their job, and there are some pretty hilarious suggestions.

We’ve got archaeologists complaining about their association with dinosaurs, and plenty of astronomers saying they don’t actually know much about amateur astronomy.

The thread was started by Twitter user Louie, who asked people: “What’s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?”

 One person noted something that will be a home truth for pretty much any reporter.

 Then there was also the somewhat shocking revelation that professional astronomers don’t actually know how to use a telescope.

 One of our favorites is this tweet about sea gulls. Yes, there really is no such thing as a sea gull.

 And not all archaeologists have anything to do with dinosaurs.

 The Moon can be seen in the day.

 There really is such a thing as “fishes”.

 You’re as smart as a mathematician, in one sense.

 This excellent reminder to appreciate strawberries.

 Don’t believe the stereotypes.

 Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram.

 And, perhaps the most infuriating. Please don’t get these confused.

Got your own? Why don’t you share it below. Or on Twitter. We can’t control you.

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