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Scientists Are Sharing The Worst Stock Photos Of Their Jobs And They’re Hilarious

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Posted on : May 6, 2018

Scientists are sharing bad stock photos of their jobs, and they are pretty incredible to behold. 

A lot of the time it seems like the general public isn’t really sure what scientists do day to day.

It seems stock photographers are no different, judging by these beauties.

Biophysics professor Nicole Paulk started things off by tweeting out this photo of a scientist examining a piece of dry ice like it was some element unknown to mankind.

Before long, the hashtag #badstockphotosofmyjob was born, with countless other scientists sharing stock images they’ve found of sexy scientists, astronomers wearing lab coats and safety goggles, and a whole load of scientists staring in amazement at a chicken.

They. Are. Amazing.

It appears some stock photographers think that science is something you do in your negligee. Note that she’s wearing safety goggles and gloves to protect her from the science, but everything else is at risk from potential blue science spillages.

Still, at least sexy scientist didn’t get all suited up, only to pour her science acid freestyle like a barman pouring shots.

Here we have a classic of the “WHY ARE YOU WEARING A LAB COAT” genre, which also shows another trope: Astronomers pointing at space.

Next up, we have a new subgenre of science stock photos: People listening to shit with stethoscopes for no discernable reason.

“After much stethoscoping, I can confirm this is a apple.”

And tomatoes being injected with up to three science syringes at the same time.

Also soil, because why not.

Gather around scientists, and look at the pile of soil. For science.

Perhaps weirdest of all… *drumroll*… scientists with plants on their desk timing it with a ye olde egg timer.

And scientists eating the science.

Don’t eat the science, scientists. 

Now we get to the most prevalent of science stock photos: People in lab coats (because how else would you know they are scientists?) gazing in wonder at some science.

My face when the science doesn’t work.

Anyway, check out the hashtag as there are some real beauties. We’ll leave you with some stock images of the climate change scientist gods controlling the weather and a group of scientists staring in bafflement at a chicken.

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