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Seized van in Sandwell had string to operate wipers – BBC News

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Posted on : September 10, 2017

Image copyright Sandwell Police
Image caption The van also had a taped up wing mirror

A van driver using a piece of string to operate his windscreen wipers has had his vehicle seized.

Police from Sandwell described the string attached to the gearstick as an “inventive” way to clean windscreens.

The van was spotted as officers took part in a road safety operation in the West Midlands borough.

Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) said: “Of all the defects found on numerous dangerous vehicles in Sandwell today this was the most amusing.”

And West Midlands Police joked the string set-up was “knot acceptable”.

CMPG later said the operation had been successful and included the discovery of seven vehicles in a dangerous condition.

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