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Slack went down again, so colleagues had to talk to each other

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Posted on : June 28, 2018

What are this? Freedom?
Image: Slack

Slack was down for a few hours today. It has now returned online. The original story appears below.

Slack is down so I had no choice but to look up from my monitor and wonder… wait a sec… who are these people sitting all around me?? My COLLEAGUES? We are all corralled in a physical space to talk to each other in the face, and not just with dancing emoji? Neat!

Slack reported outages around 9:30 E.T. on Wednesday. Messages failed to send, and Slack couldn’t connect to the internet.

Down Detector showed outages across the East Coast of the U.S., some other parts of the U.S., and in Europe.

Image: screenshot: down detector

Image: screenshot: down detector

Slack was still working on the outage as of 10 a.m. ET. And the world noticed — Slack was also trending on Twitter.

Image: screenshot: Twitter

It was a reflective free-for-all on Twitter, naturally.

Slack last went down in May, and work similarly came to a blissful standstill.

Guess we’ll have to talk business IRL for now. What a concept!

UPDATE 6/27/2018, 11:15 a.m. ET: 

Slack says it is “still in rocky waters.”

UPDATE 6/27/2018, 12:40 p.m. ET: 

Slack restored service around 12:30 p.m. ET.  Thank goodness — our throats were getting sore from all that yapping.

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