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‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack’s bail set at $5 million in NXIVM case

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Posted on : April 25, 2018

“Smallville” actress Allison Mack’s bail was set at $5 million after she pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking, Fox News has learned Tuesday.

The 35-year-old, who was in federal court in Brooklyn, appeared unkempt and gaunt while wearing a tan jumpsuit. The star kept quiet besides saying “Yes, your honor.”

She has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking.

Mack will be heading back to California where she will be placed under home detention. She will live with her parents who cosigned the bail bond.

Prosecutors are accusing Mack of serving as a “pimp” and “slave master” for alleged sex cult NXIVM. Mack is said to have been living in upstate New York with alleged cult leader Keith Raniere until he reportedly fled to Mexico in November. She was seen running after him when he was apprehended in a $10,000-a-week-villa in Mexico last month.

Raniere, who sold himself as a self-improvement guru to the stars, stands accused of keeping numerous women as slaves and branding his initials into their skin.

Prosecutors said Mack required women she recruited to engage in sexual activity with Raniere, who paid Mack in return.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Kim Penza said in court that “under the guise of female empowerment” Mack “starved women until they fit her co-defendant’s sexual ideal.”

Founded in 1998, NXIVM promoted Raniere’s teachings as a kind of mystical, executive coaching designed to help people get the most out of life. Enrollees in its Executive Success Programs paid handsomely for his advice. The organization also drew criticism from people who likened it to a cult.

Last year, the accusations took a new twist, with women who were part of a NXIVM subgroup coming forward to say that they had been physically branded with a surgical tool against their will.

Mack allegedly used her celebrity status to convince women to join Jness, a subsect of NXIVM that claims to be a women’s empowerment group.

A 2016 tweet appears to show Mack was attempting to get “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson to have a conversation with her about NXIVM.

During Mack’s recent court appearance, it was revealed she married “Battlestar Galactica” star Nicki Clyn, who was also rumored to be part of NXIVM.

Mack’s “Smallville” co-star Kristin Kreuk says she was involved with one of the group’s self-help programs but left about five years ago. She wrote on Twitter last month that she didn’t experience any “nefarious activity” and was “horrified and disgusted” by the allegations.

Neither NXIVM nor a representative for Mack had a comment for Fox News.

Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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