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SNLs Weekend Update Mocks Rudy Giuliani for His Stormy Daniels Screw-Up

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Posted on : May 7, 2018

The talk of the town this week concerned Rudy Giulianithe former mayor of New York City turned staunch Trump surrogate, and a man who once married his second cousin.

Giuliani, whos spent all of two weeks as a member of President Trumps legal team, went on Sean Hannitys Fox News program where, during a series of eye-bulging, hand-waving rants, he claimed that President Trump reimbursed his attorney/fixer Michael Cohen for his $130,000 hush-money payoff to Stormy Daniels in the final weeks of the presidential election. (Both Giuliani and the president have since walked back the statements, rather unconvincingly.)

Well, the clock might be running out on Trumps presidency, so you know what that means: theyre finally putting in Rudy. But instead of making a great play, this Rudy immediately tackled his own quarterback, joked co-host Colin Jost on SNLs Weekend Update.

Jost, who called Giulianis slip-up maybe the best confession Ive seen on TV that didnt end with Created by Dick Wolfa nod to Law & Orderfurther touched on how Giuliani alleged that the Daniels payment was funneled through a law firm. Dude, funneled is not typically a word innocent people use when talking about money, said Jost. No one says, Yeah, my grandma funneled me five dollars on my birthday.

Then co-host Michael Che, not to be outdone, gave his two cents on the Giuliani disasterincluding the Trump lawyers claim that Michael Cohen was reimbursed for the Stormy Daniels payment via a $35,000 monthly retainer.

Rudy Giuliani is claiming that President Trump only learned a week ago that he was reimbursing Michael Cohens payment to Stormy Daniels in $35,000 installments, said Che. I have a couple questions, like: What kind of billionaire pays for stuff in installments? Youre the president of the United States, why are you paying for sex like its a NordicTrack?

And how did yall land on $130,000? he continued. Thats such an oddly-specific number. I asked Stormy to come on Update and explain it, but her agent said no because if shes seen on camera with a black guy, her price goes down.

That last joke, of course, was about this.

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