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The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Called Out Connor McGregor For A Fight

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Posted on : June 12, 2018

Conor McGregor is back in the news again, but it isn’t because he’s offensively run his mouth off again or has done something potentially warranting jailtime. No, this time it’s because someone else has said something about him that surely McGregor will find offensive.

We are all used to hearing McGregor tout himself as the best, but now another man has come forward, saying he could take McGregor out in 10 seconds flat. The man is Hafthor Julius Björnsson otherwise known as The Word’s Strongest Man otherwise known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

Björnsson recently won the title of The World’s Strongest Man at the competition held in Manila, Philippines this year. It was his first win after coming in either second or third place for the last six years.

He also took the top titles in Europe’s Strongest Man Competition and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Strongman Classic, becoming the first person to ever do so in the same year. So why is Björnsson now aiming his sights on McGregor? Well, it turns out the pair have fought before.

Back in 2016, before Björnsson was a well-known actor and McGregor a UFC champion, the two met up in Dublin for a little friendly sparring match. However, McGregor is not known for being friendly in the ring and took a few good shots at Björnsson.

Check out the footage below to see the first time Björnsson and McGregor sparred:

While Björnsson playfully joked he could have crushed McGregor like an ant, McGregor, as he is prone to do, threw a ton of shade at Björnsson while stroking his own ego.

“That’s a big man. Six-foot-nine, four- hundred pound, and I still folded him up,” McGregor said about the match-up. “I sunk him good. I caught him good. Not even a Mountain can take these shots from me.”

However, after two and a half years, Björnsson has finally broken his silence and responded to McGregor on the YouTube show Off The Ball. “I could break him,” he said of the 145 lb fighter. “There were at least two moments I could have smashed him.”

“Bring me shorts and put us in a cage, and I’ll fight him again,” Björnsson challenged.

When asked how long it would take to defeat McGregor, he confidently said, “ten seconds”, and added that it would take five McGregors to actually take him down.

The footage from the first fight in 2016 went viral, so I’m sure there would be plenty of places will to host the duo should McGregor agree to the challenge. Considering he’s not one to back down from a fight, I’m sure McGregor will, at the very least, address Björnsson’s offer.

While McGregor has not responded yet, he likely will. Even if he doesn’t agree to another fight, he’ll probably at least make some assertions that “The Notorious” is actually the best and that he’d still win in a do-over with “The Mountain”.

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