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This Zelda Mural Is Awesome, And You Don’t Even Have To Be The Artist To Recreate It

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Posted on : December 16, 2017

I’ve always been envious of people who know how to paint.

It just seems like there’s so much more one can do with a wall than slap a solid neutral color on it. There’s always murals, but you’d have to be pretty talented to pull that off. Sometimes, though, a little creativity can go a long way.

One couple decided they wanted to put a geeky mural up on their future child’s nursery wall. Here’s how they managed to do it without being artists.

This is the finished product. You’d think that one or both of them were really talented artists, right? Well, I have no doubt they’re talented, but neither call art one of their best skills. Instead, they used the power of projection and some careful layering to create this incredible piece.

They decided against acrylic paint because it can’t stand up to wear and tear. Instead, they opted for semi-gloss latex wall paint.

They projected the image onto the wall, starting out with the first layer of white paint. After each color was complete, they added the next layer on top.

For instance, here’s what it looked like with just white and some blue detailing.

As their work continued, it began looking more and more like the image. The first layer of green was a big step!

Even though the image was coming together nicely, the most daunting part would be the frame. It was so detailed that they had to draw it on the wall in order to return the projector.

Still, they followed the outline exactly, and their vision became reality.

Here’s that incredible final product one more time. Want to see the whole process? Check it out here.

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