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Whats with All the Hate for Star Trek: Discovery?

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Posted on : December 10, 2017

Star Trek fans have been waiting over a decade for a new Star Trek TV show, so many fans were excited when Star Trek: Discovery finally aired back in September. But since its launch the show seems to have been met with an usually high degree of hostility from viewers, who have questioned everything from its uniforms to its ship designs. Writer Sara Lynn Michener thinks those concerns are overblown.

“When a show tries too hard to adhere to canon, it doesn’t have as much flexibility for creativity,” Michener says in Episode 285 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “Even the idea that some people are suggesting that they should build an entire ship based on outdated technology is just nuts. It’s just crazy.”


Sara Lynn Michener on Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision:

“It would bother me if Star Trek started to have the kinds of dramatic tension that are known tropes in our universe, so for instance, ‘two women arguing about a man,’ that kind of thing. If that happened on Star Trek, I would just weep, I would be so sad. I think Roddenberry’s vision was not necessarily saying that humanity had ‘evolved’ to embrace these beliefs, but that humanity had embraced a different culture—that there was nothing biological about this change. To me that’s even scarier because it means it can be revoked at any time, it means that it can be established more or less on certain ships under the direction of different captains. It’s just social order, and that’s very fragile.”

John Joseph Adams on ranking Star Trek: Discovery:

“One of the commenters brought up a good point—which I agree with—that although I don’t love the show 100 percent, if you compare it to the first season of other Star Trek shows, then yeah, it’s really, really good in comparison, because most of the other first seasons of Star Trek shows haven’t been great. There are always a few episodes that are really great—I mean, the first episode of Deep Space Nine is phenomenal. It’s a two-hour pilot and it’s one of the best examples of movie-length science fiction that I’ve ever seen. And so that’s great, but then overall the first season is pretty good but not fantastic. So if you compare Discovery to any of those, it actually holds up really well.”

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