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When A Filmmaker Implied There Aren’t Any ‘Bad’ Women, This Lady Proved Him Wrong

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Posted on : March 1, 2018

When it comes to gender equality, women want to be given the same treatment and opportunities that benefit their male counterparts, plain and simple.

And while there are lots of well-meaning people who support such equality, some take it overboard and put women on a pedestal they didn’t ask to be on. Take filmmaker Michael Moore’s recent tweet regarding “bad” people, for example. He meant to paint women in a good light, but what he really did was imply that women as a whole are better than men, which rubbed one of his fans, Jessica Ellis, the wrong way.

“I had been struggling with anxiety issues and going to therapy, where I realized I thought the fact that I had dark thoughts sometimes made me a bad person,” Ellis told Bored Panda.

“I had also come to realize that part of the reason I felt that way is that women are raised on a doctrine of purity and that Moore (who I respect greatly as a filmmaker) was furthering that concept. When you are taught that all women are naturally sweet and wonderful, you can feel extra-extra crazy if you feel anger or depression or anxiety.”

That’s why this intelligent lady took it upon herself to prove each of Moore’s points wrong, demonstrating that plenty of bad women have made (and continue to make) their mark on the world in negative ways.

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