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White Wake Forest student cries racism, but liberal university refuses judicial case

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Posted on : March 1, 2018

A conservative Wake Forest University student has accused the school of bias after it declined to pursue a “school judicial case” against fellow students who photoshopped his face onto a saltine cracker and handed him a box of the salty snacks after he spoke at a campus event 16 months ago.

“We have pretty strict rules about harassment at our school, which clearly don’t abide by the First Amendment, but we are trying to hold all students to the same standard,” the student, Ryan Wolfe, told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“If we’re going to have these strict rules and this bias reporting system, then everyone needs to be held accountable the exact same way,” he added.

Wolfe told Carlson he was singled out for harassment “before, during and after” he took part in an October 2016 panel with three other students. He said he was told to report the conduct by Wake Forest professor Melissa Harris-Perry, who hosted an eponymous weekend program on MSNBC between 2012 and 2016.

However, Wolfe’s request for redress was turned down by the North Carolina university’s dean of students, Adam Goldstein.

“I was told in many words, because [Goldstein] really isn’t a frank person, that President Trump’s election somehow justified their behavior even though the incident happened before Election Day and if I brought a judicial case, it would make things worse for me,” Wolfe said. “We were heading into finals week at the end of the semester [and] I just wanted this to be over.”

Requests for comment from Wake Forest went unanswered.

Wolfe told Carlson the response to his complaint “makes no sense.”

“We had a racial slur incident just a few weeks ago [and] that student was asked to leave our school about two days later,” he said. “This took several weeks and they wouldn’t even open a judicial case about harassment, even just kind of leaving the race part out of it.”

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