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Woman watching royal wedding in wedding dress is the only true royals fan

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Posted on : May 22, 2018

Waking up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday to watch the royal wedding is a feat in and of itself. Still, you probably didn’t go as hard as this woman.

In a Reddit post on Sunday, user BlackFeign posted that he walked into his living room on Saturday to find his wife watching the royal wedding. To be clear, I was also watching the royal wedding, but I was wearing gym shorts and an enormous t-shirt from a chili restaurant.

This woman, a true fan, was wearing her wedding dress.

Now, is this too much? Absolutely not. As one commenter pointed out, it is essentially the same thing as wearing a jersey to watch a football game. Plus, wedding dresses are expensive as hell. The more mileage you can get out of yours, the better.


Image: NBC

Get your Friends moment whenever you can, everyone.

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