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YouTube Suspends Dad’s Channel After He Feeds His Children Ice Cream Laced With Laxatives

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Posted on : August 3, 2018

If I were to think about it carefully, I could list several occasions when my parents did some pretty shady things to me as a child. Be it that time my dad threw me in the pool in my party dress as a prank, or the time my mom pretended to leave me behind during a family vacation because I hadn’t cleaned my room like I’d promised.

As a child, it’s hard to comprehend why an adult would behave this way. But as you grow older and learn just how difficult children are, you begin to understand the logic behind some of your parent’s most irrational actions. Children are exhausting, and sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.

However, it doesn’t matter how dire the situation, there is nothing acceptable about straight up child abuse. Of course, thanks to the internet, the lines on what is and isn’t acceptable are extremely blurred, but ultimately, it should be clear when you’ve taken things a step too far.

For example, it should have been blindingly obvious to YouTube sensation, CJ So Cool, that he was making an unwise – nay, abhorrent – parenting decision when he chose to lace his young children’s ice cream with laxatives in a prank for his YouTube channel.

CJ So Cool, whose real name is Cordero James Brady, is famous online for his savage pranks, most of which involve his wife and his four children. The brutal tricks have earned the 29-year-old self-professed “King of Pranks” an eye-watering 5.6 million YouTube subscribers.

In previous videos, the Nevada-based video star has pranked his wife into believing that their daughter has drowned in the pool and terrified his children by lighting fireworks in their bedrooms. “It’s a prank because they think somebody was shooting!” he laughs hysterically.

In fact, Brady’s incessant pranks have now led his family to suspect him of tomfoolery at every moment. For example, in a video titled ‘Surprising My Family With A Mega Mansion’, which has currently garnered 18 million views, Brady reveals that he has bought his family an enormous new home. However, as they remove their blindfolds their initial joy turns to distrust as they begin to suspect Brady of orchestrating a cruel prank. For once, it transpires that he is telling the truth.

In another video posted in March 2017, Brady documents his wife’s miscarriage in a traumatic video titled, ‘We Lost Our Baby.’ Shockingly, the monetized video, which so far has 4.2 million views, features an introduction pushing Brady’s merchandise. One comment on the video, left by a heartbroken fan tellingly reads: “I saw this and thought and wished it was a prank.”

Up until now, Brady’s account had caused no alarm with YouTube, who have continued to allow the tasteless pranks to be published. However, the latest laxative stunt was one step too far, causing YouTube to temporarily suspend Brady’s account.

This isn’t the first time he has found himself in trouble. In 2017 he had to apologize to his fans after the mother of one of his children publicly slammed his parenting skills…

Whilst the account is now back online, the offending video, which features Brady’s children screaming and crying whilst sat on the toilet, has been removed.

“My stomach hurts,” screams one of his children. “Oh my goodness, this boy’s stomach is broken!” he jokes.

However, it would appear that this isn’t the first incident involving Brady and laxatives. Speaking to The Daily Mail, a Henderson Police Department source stated: “There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.”

It is not clear what action was taken at the time. However, given that the video remained online for two years after the case was investigated, it would seem that no action was taken against Brady.

It wasn’t until investigated the matter and exposed Brady’s questionable parenting that the matter became public knowledge.‘s article prompted YouTube to release a statement in which they said:

“Content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we’re made aware of it.”

Brady is yet to comment on the incident. He is currently touring America with his family as part of the ‘So Cool Family Tour’ which is currently in Seattle, Washington. The remaining dates of the tour, which began on Jully 12 in Dallas, Texas, see the family visit various locations in California as well as one stop in Atlanta, Georgia.

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